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Crayon Chibi (PageBabies)
Not Quite Ready For the Olympics... by avonRDA
A cute little .png pony (or horse, dog etc.) to liven up your page.
Can include a background or rider too.

Base Price:
+ 5 (tack)
+ 5 (mini show entry)
+ 10 (rider (because I can't draw them))

Portrait version:
+ 5 (bridle)

_-_-_Please note me to order! <3_-_-_


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My Faimé Fund!!!

I am in great need of these points to try and buy the prettiest Faimé I've ever seen, the Halloween filly <3 Most of you know that I'm not usually a fan of rabicano, but I dearly love the markings this horse has, especially the flaxen :la: I think I'm in love ;-;

Haloween Faime Import 204 by AutumnCreekFarms

All donations are greatly appreciated!!!

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We're Not Too Old To Have Some Fun by avonRDA
We're Not Too Old To Have Some Fun
... Ah, loved drawing these two Georgian Grandes!! <3 Nova and Misty having some fun in the fields of Glenwood Park Stables.
Mia waited for the ancient machine to boot itself up, tapping her fingers lightly on the desk in front of her, holding her breath with anticipation, even though she didn't consciously decide to. It had been several weeks, nearly two months, since she had first contacted Agent Q Stables in America, and so far she hadn't received an email or a letter, or any sign of life from the stable. Each day, she knew, the probability of a response got less and less, but she wasn't going to give up, or stop hoping. She had long since finished clearing out the emails, but she made sure to switch on the machine that was probably almost as old as her anyway, her excuse being that she was 'organising the files'. That wasn't entirely an untruth, she had spent several hours moving files around and sorting out a logical method of filing all the junk into folders. She had backed up the machine to an external hard drive several times, each backup taking up a little less space than the last. In fact, they'd gone from almost 1 Terabyte of data to just a few Gigabytes. It might not seem much, but that was an achievement in itself. There had been a never-ending stream of outdated emails and past showing passports and dates for injections of horses that had passed away long before she was even born and horse surveys and old documents about tack and plans for the extension that was put in years ago and had just been left on the computer, and hundreds of files of other clutter and unnecessary junk. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the old machine loaded up. She could hear the parts whirring in the computer, but focused her attention instead on the tiny pixels of colour that made up the monitor. Within a few clicks she had logged in to the admin profile and was waiting once more for it to load. So much waiting! Eventually Mia was able to open up the emails and see what had come in over night. There were several ads about horses for sale that she immediately deleted, a few more about horses to lease, which had the same fate, and a couple of horse updates from other stables. The ones from the stables' affiliates went into their own folders to be reviewed later, the rest to the trash. It wasn't until she reached the end of the list that she realised that she had received another email while she had been sorting. It was from Ramiro. Intrigued, she clicked on it and read the message inside.

Hi Mia,
Could you come and see me for a second please? I'll be in my office.
(P.S. remember to ask in future!)

Her eyes scanned down the page and she smiled slightly - he'd not got the hang of the whole kisses thing, however many times she pointed it out he still forgot, but inside she didn't really mind. In fact, she found it quite cute that he always forgot, it made him seem more down-to-earth because otherwise, she couldn't fault him. Opening up a new email, she started to reply, then realised that it would probably be quicker to walk over to his office; it was just down the corridor. Then she began to wonder about the postscript he had included, and wondered what he had been going on about, but in the end she gave up, she really didn't have a clue about what he was trying to say. Perhaps it had been lost in translation, but she doubted it as Ramiro barely needed to think in Spanish anymore, his English was much more natural than it had been when Mia first arrived. She'd got her job there only a couple of months after his own arrival at the stables, to fill the place of Lachlan's sister who had returned to Australia and a temporary groom that they had hired to do odd jobs for them occasionally. When she reached his door, she knocked and opened it at the same time; he'd know when she was arriving anyway thanks to Gallop's protection dog training. As usual, his Rifle bitch was led on the blanket on the floor, her head raised slightly higher than the rest of her body, clearly advertising the fact that she knew Mia was there. Mia smiled and scratched her between the ears, and Gallop went back to resting, her muzzle covered by her paws. "Hello Ramiro," she smiled at him as she sat herself down at his desk, "What did you want me to come and see you for?" As she was saying these words though, she realised what he'd meant in the postscript. Of course he knew, she'd used the universal admin email, so anything she received, he would also receive, and her brother, and the boss. She swallowed awkwardly, she probably was here to be scolded about irresponsible use of the computer. But when she looked up at Ramiro, his face was stern and scolding, however she could tell he was not too serious as his eyes sparkled underneath it all. He sighed disapprovingly, but the corners of his mouth turned upwards in a smile. To add to the façade, he shook his head and folded his arms across his chest before he spoke. "What are we going to do with you, Mia? We leave you to do a simple task and a week later an email appears from a certain stable just out of the blue? I don't think so."
"You've had it for six weeks? Six weeks, you've hidden it from me?" She gasped in surprise and shock.
"Should I read it to you? I think you'll be more shocked then..."

Dear Mia of Glenwood Park Stables,

I am honored that you have considered our old pair Nova and Misty for your breeding program. Georgians as a whole are very adaptive horses and capable of many great disciplines, Nova and Misty were no small example of this. I am especially excited at the idea of your stables' Georgians more exclusively, they are a very under appreciated breed and I do hope your program will bring them more attention.

As to the actual breeding, I will approve it immediately, but under certain conditions. Nova and Misty are old, very old, and so they will need the utmost care before, during, and after breeding and gestation. I recommend keeping a vet with Misty throughout her pregnancy on site. I also suggest the highest quality feed you can possibly afford during the pregnancy to help. As for the foal, I respectfully request that its primary discipline be driving, although I understand you will probably also train it in other disciplines as well seeing how versatile Georgians are as a breed. I have no objections to this, only that driving be the primary.

When you are ready for the costs and terms, feel free to contact either Lana Myers or Clara Berkshire of Agent Q Stables to begin. I will also contact them with my approval and they will forfeit any other plans to make sure this goes forwards.

I wish you the best if luck in this endeavor, and be sure to send me pictures of the foal when it is born!

Quintessa "Q" Haverick
Previous Owner of Agent Q Stables and primary rider of Outlaw Supernova and Miz D Spitfire

When Ramiro had finished reading she was almost in tears. Quintessa Haverick, the woman who had taken Nova and Misty to the top, had just approved their breeding request personally! She was on cloud nine, but that wasn't the end of it, there was more to come; much much more. Ramiro put the letter down and rested his elbows on the desk. He raised his eyebrows quizzically tilting his head slightly to one side, building the tension. "As much as I admire your resolve Mia, this is not the sort of thing that you should be doing." Mia closed her eyes and sighed. She knew that he was truly disappointed in her for this, and rightly so, Lachlan had probably given him hell over it. "We gave you the responsibility of the email account, yet you abused your power, much like Curley in the capitalist individualist society that Steinbeck created." That drew the ghost of a smile from Mia, although she kept her eyes closed as if that would make what he was saying any less painful. She had given him her copy of Steinbeck's novel Of Mice And Men to read, and since then he'd been lifting quotations from it almost endlessly to use in everyday life. "And, like Lennie, you failed to see the consequences of your actions for not just yourself, but for the stable as a business. There you were, requesting a breeding between a top pairing that may well have put us thousands of pounds out of pocket, and may still do so. Because of your one selfish action we now have AQS over in America believing that as a unit we have an interest in their finest Georgian Grandes and have the funds to back it up." He sighed, rubbing his eyes. You could see all the stresses of the recent weeks on his face, written in a scrawling hand all over his forehead. Where there once was smooth skin, now his forehead was forming 'worry lines' and his attitude was much more negative. Everything seemed much more of an effort for him, and she realised that it was her fault. Just that one email had cause that all. "But you're lucky, because I'm good at persuasion." She looked up, opening her eyes with surprise.
"What?" She whispered, unsure whether to believe her ears or not.
"You heard me right. After much deliberation and after totting everything up, we think that we can afford it. Just."
"But don't get too excited. You've got to persuade Lachlan to dig out his vet qualifications and ensure that he feels confident enough to deliver a foal if he has to. That's the only way we can keep a vet on site at all times, as much as ol' Joe is loyal to us, he can't sacrifice all of his time to monitor the situation, he's got other clients too." He paused, going through everything in his head. "And once you've done that, I think you should be fine." She nodded and stood up to leave, but he stopped her turning away with a hand on her shoulder. "Just so you know, we'll be in this together but Lachlan made it clear that the foal would be yours to break and train and drive and show - your responsibility, not mine. I've got the rest of the stable to look after, you've just got that warmblood young 'un and you'll soon have this foal too." He nodded to the door, signalling that she could leave now. Her heart was skipping in her chest - she really was going to get her own Georgian Grande foal! And not just any foal either - a foal with Olympic silver-medalists for parents.
Tagging AgentQStables because Misty and Nova are her HoF HIEF 4:star: Georgians :3
BP's An Air Of Serenity GWPK by avonRDA
BP's An Air Of Serenity GWPK
Show Name: BP's An Air Of Serenity GWPK
Call name: Inara
Breed: Standard Poodle
Gender: Bitch
Age: 9 months
Colour: Chocolate Parti Colour Irish
Eye color: Light gold-brown
Height: Average
Weight: A little above average (but shhh, don't tell her!)
Titles: Royal Snob, Couch Poodle etc...

Discipline: TBD.
:bulletpink: Inara can often be quite snobby, self centered and downright bitchy.
:bulletpurple: She loves to lounge around on her 'throne' (the sofa).
:bulletpink: Inara is very conscious of how she looks and how other dogs (and people!) see her.
:bulletpurple: Other than this, though, you cannot fault her, she loves to perform, and (when you manage to get her off the sofa) she will work hard to meet her goals provided it doesn't involve getting wet and/or muddy. 

Breeding status: Closed - pure breeding only - to approved dogs!

Points & Images

Pedigree - 68xp (+2xp - purebred)
    Sire: BP's California Sunrise OTCH PDM CGC +1 (+ 33 Honored, Health Tested)
    Dam: BP's Back In Black OTCH MACH CT +1 (+ 33 Honored, Health Tested)
Reference Sheet (+5)
(FF) Cali x Rascal Litter - CLOSED (+4)
Serenity YDH - CLOSED (+90 Serenity)
Meeting New Friends (+94 Serenity)
Poodle Pup in a Pink Palace (+9 Serenity)
Puppy Training Program (+21, +6 - Training *Sit*)
    Title: COA (+17)

= 123 (399 Serenity)
Every time I shut my eyes I see him there on the floor, his face pale and his body limp like a rag doll. It is an image that I can never get out of my mind; an image of pain and fear. The journey home had been long and uneventful as far as I am concerned, since he was taken away I haven't seen him and have been locked in a bubble of worry. I have barely spoken to Nikki in the weeks that I have been back home, I have stuck to the top end of the field in the hope of seeing him coming back for me. Each time a thundertruck pulls up in the drive, I gallop up to the fence to see if he's inside, and every time I have been disappointed, but I cannot give up because then I'd be a broken, purposeless horse. It's funny how you get attached to things you didn't even know you needed; I never felt empty without him before I knew him, but now I am incomplete. The gap he's left in my heart is larger than the one Nikki left - this time, I know it's my fault. Owen has bounced up to me and I have been forced to turn away, to reject him. I have seen their torn faces as Nikki slowly approaches him and leads him away, the sad look on his face as he glances back over his shoulder at me, the shake of his head. But I cannot let Ramiro down, so I continue waiting. I wait endless days and even longer nights for him to return. I barely eat, I only consume enough to stop me from starvation - it's a distraction from my duty. I have no idea if my duty as sentry will pay off, but it's all I can do and it makes me feel a tiny bit better about myself. Mia has come to try and soothe me, but I have politely refused her carrots. When she comes she talks to me about him, and I listen patiently to her. She uses some new words I haven't heard before about him, like 'coma', 'spinal cord', 'temporary partial paralysis' and 'wheelchair'. I do not understand what any of these words mean, but I guess they must be bad. She will come and see me once, occasionally twice a day, always bringing a carrot although I never eat them, and she will just sit on the fence and talk to me. Her voice is sweeter, smoother and more natural than Ramiro's, yet she does not have the thick Scottish dialect that many of the 'lads possess. I am beginning to trust her a little bit, letting her put on the blue halter that still smells of him and lead me around the field a little, but only in walk. I think she understands how I feel about him, and knows that I don't want a replacement for him, and won't accept one. 
Today, when she comes to see me her attitude is different, her eyes are brighter and her speech more bubbly and excited. She runs over to me and throws her arms around my neck, her thick scarf flinging into the air and wrapping around my muzzle. I'm not impressed... But she soon launches into a torrent of words of which I can only pick out a few. "Ramiro... awake... coma... hospital... wheelchair... visit... today!" Her eyes are filled with excess water, and, as she blinks, a tear rolls down her cheek. I tilt my head; why does her voice sound so happy yet her eyes are crying? I nudge her face with my muzzle and wipe up the tears for her, gesturing for her not to cry. "Aww, you're such a gentleman, Rico. So kind and giving - Ramiro couldn't ask for any more. You know he's proud of you, right? You've given so much to him, and he says you mustn't blame yourself. Be a soldier for him, Rico. Fight on, little Kiwistang." While we are locked in this moment, we do not notice a thundertruck pull up in the drive. We both look up simultaneously as a figure steps out of the front and walks over to the back end and pulls up a cover. Why's he doing that, I wonder? Mia gasps. "Oh Rico, it's him!" She runs forwards, the ends of her scarf billowing out behind her like wings. The man finished his job behind the vehicle and now I understand Mia's excitement. I can only vaguely make him out from this distance away, but it's a face I could not forget - Ramiro's. As she reaches him, she bends down and throws her arms around his neck, kissing him gently on his cheek and burying her face into his neck. She stays like that for a moment, her face hidden in the folds of his jacket, before standing up and taking the handles from the driver. She smiles to him before beginning the trek over to the fence, to me, which had seemed so short only moments ago but was now taking her a while. When she finally reaches me I whinny in delight and stamp the ground with conviction. Ramiro is alive. I had naturally feared the worst, but for once the worst had not happened. I look at him; powerless in the chair with wheels (I see now what a 'wheelchair' is), his legs skinny and unmoving, but his cheeks rosy and his eyes bright as he makes eye contact with me. I stretch my neck out to him as an apology for what I had done, but he simply smiles at me. "Oh Rico, you've made me so proud. You put everything into that competition and I don't blame you at all for what happened. It was only our first competition; mistakes were going to be made by both of us. In truth, I don't think we were ready for a competition then, but it was good experience for the both of us. You gave it everything you had, and really invested in our relationship." He scratches my neck fondly as he continues, "I couldn't have wanted anything more. You tried your heart out and that's all that matters. I'm here now, let's put it behind us." I feel a mental weight lift at these words, his forgiveness of me. All my worrying over the past weeks has now evaporated into nothing, I can finally face the music, as it were. As if on cue, Nikki and Owen appear either side of me and I press my head into Nikki's neck. I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Forgive me please. She bends her head round and nudges my shoulder playfully. Of course you're forgiven, Rico. You never meant to do anything wrong in the first place. Mia's laugh broke the silence and Ramiro looked at each of us in turn. "I guess that makes us family then!" Mia blushed bright pink. "You mean, you're..." 
Ramiro winked, smiling. "Yes, I am!"
She gasped, but in a good way. "In that case, there's not really anything else I could say except 'Yes!'"
"We'll that makes two happy couples then," Ramiro said, before he was cut off by Mia's kiss. They smiled together as they pulled each other closer, sharing that moment of bliss and euphoria when your crush has just said yes and you're officially together. Indeed, Rico thought, that makes two happy couples! With that he nuzzled Nikki's sweet face and pressed his forehead against hers.
They may have been unconventional, but they were family, and that's what mattered most. 
KC | Family
While writing this I cried at points. So emotional to be writing about how torn Rico is and how Mia tries to comfort him and the ending <3 I didn't even see than one coming! Of course it needs a lot of backstory to fill the holess in their budding relationship that I missed, but I hope you get the gist!

The final image for my Kaimanwa Challenge 2014. What a sad time (And only one and a half hours away from the deadline xD)

Hope you guys enjoyed this (and also tagging bovidaeloony because this is a really key piece to their relationship).

RippleClan AC | FotC by avonRDA
RippleClan AC | FotC
Well, technically I do have a full body image of him and Frostbranch, his mentor, but I didn't think the RP would be finished in time so I made this instead! I actually quite like it :3 Teazelpaw's first catch ever.

Shh I know I should be doin' KC stuffs but I just wanted to do this kay?


Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Baliro Badge by Danesippi

Commissions are OPEN :D

Hi everyone! Please check out my gallery, maybe throw in a few :+fav:s, they really mean a lot to me. Feel free to note me, I don't bite!

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